Men--My practice is dedicated to working with, understanding, and supporting men, adolescent males, and men's issues--in couples, individual, and family therapy. This includes women who need help in their relationships with men, are looking to be in a relationship with a man, or need help raising a boy into a man. 

I help men and boys be on purpose in their lifemore fully present, aligned with personal and family values, live more meaningfully, and have better relationships with loved ones in a non-pathologizing approach that builds on your strengths and increases balance, mindfulness, and positive outcomes. Reduce suffering from anxiety and depression, resolve relational and marital issues, adjust to changing family dynamics and loss, and improve performance with compassionate solution-oriented counseling.

Whether you are a couple wanting to build a secure-functioning relationship, an adult searching for answers, a parent unsure what to do next or how understand and meet your child's needs, or a teen struggling to find your way, counseling is a courageous step in the right direction! 

Building healthy relationships, conscious awareness, generating greater peace, and actualizing goals are the benefits. As an active therapist, husband, father, athlete, yogi, and businessperson, I have the life experience and training to understand and help resolve challenges. Call today at 512-522-4456 for a free 20-minute consultation to see how we may be able to collaborate in setting specific goals to heal relationships, foster deeper intimacy, adjust to change, know your self, and discover your full potential in life!