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PACT Couple drawing together



Couples counseling is the passion and focus of my private practice, based on the works of Dr. Stan Tatkin's Psycho-neurobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (PACT) and Terry Real's Relational Life Therapy (RLT).


Build secure-functioning partnerships and marital relationships, build agreements, manage threat, and increase win-win connections through better communication, deeper intimacy, and supportive interdependence!


Repair disagreements and ruptures quickly by learning how to help to regulate and sooth yourself and your partner. By remaining present and attuned to yourself and your partner's needs, key issues can be addressed, and reparative experiences can take place with attention to neuroscience, arousal regulation, relational attachment issues,  and deep interpersonal connection.


Often, husbands are brought to my practice for couples therapy by their spouses seeking to elicit better communication and update the deeper emotional connections that can go missing in long-term relationships over time through the process of raising children, making financial ends meet, pursuing professional growth, maintaining friendships and family ties, and finding time for one's own self.


In fact, I have been referred to as a "husband whisperer" for being able to connect with and awaken men to join more fully in their marital lives and relationships. This is reflected in my individual and couples counseling work with women as well, because ultimately we are all looking for greater understanding, satisfaction, and connection.


Sessions are usually 90-minutes and can go 3-hours depending on the couple and the issues being addressed. Longer sessions allow us to accomplish significant pieces of foundational relationship work in each meeting and leave with a renewed sense of connection and understanding of the path forward together.


Individual therapy can assist our growth and development, helping us move from one phase of life to another--from confusion to understanding, from shadow to awareness,  from brokenness to a sense of wholeness, from stuckness to greater freedom,  from disconnection back to intimacy.  For many people, there comes a time when the way we deal with past or present issues in our life--relationships, change, success, loss, failure, trauma, etc.--becomes problematic.  Somehow, hard or easy, we become aware that what we are doing is not working and courageously decide to seek assistance from a neutral third party, like a seasoned licensed therapist, to facilitate our healing and transformation into new ways of being, and experiencing, by taking action in our lives to release the past, align with our values, embrace the present, and live with greater meaning in pursuit of our dreams and life purpose.


Men -- I have been active in the Men's Movement since the early 90's and continue to participate regularly in the ManKind Project and other men's work programs. My practice is dedicated to coaching, mentoring, and guiding men of all ages to be more present, authentic, realized, and relational through couples, individual, and family therapy. This includes women who want more in relationship and from their partner or are trying to raise a boy into a man. I help men be more conscious and aware, have better relationships, be on purpose, and align with personal/family values in a non-pathologizing approach that builds on strengths, increases compassion, mindfulness, and positive outcomes.

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